WTF is Exomène?

2013-02-03 16:29:17

Exomène's ASCII art logo

The name Exomène is a contraction of the main concept of the project: mental exodus developed with the help of Dorianne Wotton since 2004.
It would be difficult to summarize the path that led us to define mental exodus. However, let's say that mental exodus is an intellectual process of abandon in the contemplation of the aesthetic of desolation which visual expression can be found in photographies by Dorianne Wotton for example.

I file under the name Exomène two activities: soundsmithing and digital apothecarium.


I used to call that "taylor-made soundscapes" before, but it doesn't reflect how I feel about making sounds.
My approach is very physical. I often start a new track because I felt the urge of transcribing an image or a feeling into sounds. Once the idea is set, I work sounds like a potter with clay, or a blacksmith with metal: hammering, stretching, twisting sounds until they fit all together into a coherent piece of music.
This approach mixes with my musical background mostly made of metal, contemporary and industrial music, resulting in a doom industrial ambient sound, or is it depressive suicidal dark ambient? Who cares? Does it matter?

Anyway, you can make your own opinion by listening to the tracks on the music page.

You can find four sets there:

I also use soundsmithing for my collaboration with videographers, writers, performers, photographers... as you can see on the collabs page.

Digital apothecarium

This latter part of my creative activity goes beyond sound but my approach is quite the same: playing with an abstract material as if it was physical in a more experimental way. The sound in itself is no longer triturated but what generates it through several techniques to do so: databending, generativity, algorithm, glitch...

The synaesizer (aka le Synesth&eagrave;seur) is a result of this approach. This is an audiovisual installation where images are turned into music by a script I wrote. Still images and sounds are then transmitted to a video synthesizer that creates a movie by transforming still images to suit the music they have created. See the synaesizer see at work here:

F#555 still follows this approach but in a more politically engaged way. 555 means no one is allowed to modify. 555 means everyone has a right to read. 555 means everyone has a right to execute. Thus 555 means people are only allowed to consume. 555 means people can't do anything unless authorized. 555 means people's sole purpose is to gorge themselves. This is not science-fiction. Can you still use the files you made 10 years ago? Can you still use your floppy disks? The very first prototype is here:

The Glitch-O-matiC is the fruit of the observation of the people looking at installations, especially at the synaesizer. I found that the general public is often in demand of understandable interactivity as much as a particular computer æsthetic. That's why I combined photobooth and glitch art in this installation. Some results are here:


I am always willing to collaborate on new projects so feel free to contact me at