Who is Gêhïks?

2012-09-09 14:02:28

I'm a victim of the person who first said:
"Hey, let's put pregnant women bellys right in front of loudspeakers. I'm sure their babies will become artists"...
I'm not sure it works, but I've been told I liked Dvoràk in utero and that Mozart already made me angry. Some things never change.

With that background, I was sent to the music school to learn solfege early. When I gained the right to start learning an instrument, I dreamed myself as a skilled harpist. But the harp teacher considered her instrument is for women only. So I started to learn the cello instead. So much for my gender construction.

The fact I was raised in a classical background does not mean I know and like only classical music. Of course I like it (especially from the late 19th century). I also like contemporary music (Ligeti, Xenakis...). I go crazy for metal in all its flavors (doom, black, thrash... I particularly enjoy bands like Slayer or Monarch) and good industrial or noise music (so much people to list: SPK, Throbbing GristleMinistry, NIN, Merzbow...) can get me out of my body.

When I left the music school (all work and no play makes Jack a dull boy), I started singing and writing for different small local metal/fusion band and making my own music on a DAW. But singing was not really fun, nor physical or sensual enough. Since I learnt to play the cello, playing bass guitar seemed to be something natural. I did some DJing and played in some pop-rock and metal bands, including an industrial metal band which gave me the will to make my own project and Exomène was born.

First I worked on defining the concept and sounds. That gave "Dawn to dusk".
Then I wanted to do something more substantial with my music which gave "Bedtime stories".
This last set was quite appreciated and made me meet Dorianne Wotton and Marianne Essentialités with whom I work on the "Spoken worms" project.
I'm currently working on the databending technique that I develop in The synaesizer and F#555 

I have other projects of my own coming up but I really enjoy collaborating. So if you need music and sound design for your photos, videos, performances, films, exhibitions, websites, whatever let me know at exomene@gmail.com.