Bedtime stories

2014-12-21 23:07:00

On the longest night of the year, my new project, Bedtime Stories, is born. And as Yule, it is dark, cold and red.

Bedtime stories first artwork by Dorianne Wotton

The concept behind Bedtime Stories is to depict the dreams of a sleeper, starting at the very beginning of sleep and ending at the very beginning of awakening. We'll put into music the sensations and the actual dreams of the sleeper. And like my dreams have always been, the atmosphere will remain very dark, slow, gloomy, organic and violent. The sound is inspired by doom, stoner, sludge, and dark industrial ambient rock, post-everything ;)

The band :

We started with a cover (Eisbär by Grauzone) in a very darkwave/coldwave style to get you used to the atmosphere and the next songs will introduce more doom / rock elements.