Exomène and God Hates God Records

2014-10-30 20:00:00

I'm very proud to announce that God Hates God Records released my first album "The Life and Death of an Unnoticed Shadow".

The life and death of an unnoticed shadow artwork by Dorianne Wotton

The name of this independant CC Licensed netlabel fits totally with the theme of the album. As usual, each track of the album is a scene and the album as a whole a story. In the Life and Death of an Unnoticed Shadow, I tell the story of a person so insignificant he is practically invisible and his impact on the world is so weak he is only a shadow at the background of the world. Because he is aware of this situation, the shadow decides to become the ghost he already is.

This record is in 4 parts. The first (tracks 1-3) tells how this normal human being is turned into a shadow. The second (track 4-7) explains how the shadow accepts and experiments his situation. The third part (8-9) deals with the difficulty existing on both sides, here and after. The last part of the record is a summary of the shadow's existence from the point of view of his feelings.

You can download the album for free on God Hates God Records' Bandcamp.