Torporscape - defining Drone to Body Music

2013-12-03 22:53:53

Torporscape is a track originally made for the IFAR Musique Concrète compilation, the Compact Disc Bends edition.

Image generated by the databending of the track Torporscape

If you've been following my work for a while maybe you'll notice that this track is similar to Wave of silence. Well the ideas are close but the origin of the sound is quite different. The call for contribution to the compilation mentionned that samples from a CD to make a 4'33" track.

4'33 directly evoked the work by John Cage and I found it logical to sample a silence from a CD as the raw material for my track.

Then, I started to use all my soundsmith tools on that piece of silence. The fragility of this material made my approach more radical. Exomène means somehow that the purpose of art is to cause feelings. So this silence forced me to redefine the boundaries of the feelings I want to cause. Beyond feelings, I had to cause sensations with my piece of silence.

So I melted this piece of silence in my forge, put it on my sonic anvil and hammered until the very sensations came out the material.

I'm pretty happy with the result even if the listeners has to turn the volume to the maximum and / or listen to the track with headphones to enjoy it. Actually I'm so happy with Torporscape that it will be the start of a new body of work I'd like to experiment: the Drone to Body Music.

You can listen and comment my track on Soundcloud, don't hesitate to turn the volume to the maximum and listen with headphones in order to really enjoy the music.

But please, listen to all the wonderful tracks of the compilation.