Spoken worms

2012-07-21 21:49:00

Spoken worms is the result of an artistic encounter between the picture slayer Dorianne Wotton, the soundsmith Exomène and the word charmer Marianne Essentialités.

I can't explain each track as I did for my own projects, but I can describe the way we work. Each of us start a new track one at a time giving his idea in his own medium. Then the two others work on the future track. Then we meet again to mix up all our ideas in a coherent piece. But the core of the project is making doom and industrial audiovisual poetry.

Stay tuned, this project is not over and we plan to add new tracks on a regular basis.

Here is the music

And if you prefer to see the videos, here they are. Subtitles in english and spanish are being added. All the videos are on this vimeo's channel.


Castitad, the spanish version.
Chasteté, the original version without subtitles.


With spanish subtitles.
Larsen, the original version without subtitles.


Migration with spanish subtitles.
Migration, the original version without subtitles.

Luna's dogma


Frio, the spanish subtitled version.
Froid, the original version without subtitles.

Renaissance cyclique

Renacimiento cí­clico, the spanish subtitled version.
Renaissance cyclique, the original version without subtitles.