Objective Tinnitus - A live series

2015-11-01 19:21:44

Picture of the concert by Exomène at l'Hybride

God Hates God Records and I teamed up to release the live recordings of my concerts. Every two months starting today, you'll be able to dive back into one of my soundscapes. With a mere drum machine I'm generating sounds which I use as a raw material to be carved and sculpted by my audio effects resulting in an hypnotic and psychedelic industrial journey. 

Of course, this is only one aspect of the full live experience. On stage, my sounds are enhanced by the live visuals, acting and dancing of my fellow members of L:ED. So if you want more, book us or help us get booked.

Stay tuned for the next release ;)

Bedtime stories

2014-12-21 23:07:00

On the longest night of the year, my new project, Bedtime Stories, is born. And as Yule, it is dark, cold and red.

Bedtime stories first artwork by Dorianne Wotton

The concept behind Bedtime Stories is to depict the dreams of a sleeper, starting at the very beginning of sleep and ending at the very beginning of awakening. We'll put into music the sensations and the actual dreams of the sleeper. And like my dreams have always been, the atmosphere will remain very dark, slow, gloomy, organic and violent. The sound is inspired by doom, stoner, sludge, and dark industrial ambient rock, post-everything ;)

The band :

We started with a cover (Eisbär by Grauzone) in a very darkwave/coldwave style to get you used to the atmosphere and the next songs will introduce more doom / rock elements. 

Exomène and God Hates God Records

2014-10-30 20:00:00

I'm very proud to announce that God Hates God Records released my first album "The Life and Death of an Unnoticed Shadow".

The life and death of an unnoticed shadow artwork by Dorianne Wotton

The name of this independant CC Licensed netlabel fits totally with the theme of the album. As usual, each track of the album is a scene and the album as a whole a story. In the Life and Death of an Unnoticed Shadow, I tell the story of a person so insignificant he is practically invisible and his impact on the world is so weak he is only a shadow at the background of the world. Because he is aware of this situation, the shadow decides to become the ghost he already is.

This record is in 4 parts. The first (tracks 1-3) tells how this normal human being is turned into a shadow. The second (track 4-7) explains how the shadow accepts and experiments his situation. The third part (8-9) deals with the difficulty existing on both sides, here and after. The last part of the record is a summary of the shadow's existence from the point of view of his feelings.

You can download the album for free on God Hates God Records' Bandcamp.

Torporscape - defining Drone to Body Music

2013-12-03 22:53:53

Torporscape is a track originally made for the IFAR Musique Concrète compilation, the Compact Disc Bends edition.

Image generated by the databending of the track Torporscape

If you've been following my work for a while maybe you'll notice that this track is similar to Wave of silence. Well the ideas are close but the origin of the sound is quite different. The call for contribution to the compilation mentionned that samples from a CD to make a 4'33" track.

4'33 directly evoked the work by John Cage and I found it logical to sample a silence from a CD as the raw material for my track.

Then, I started to use all my soundsmith tools on that piece of silence. The fragility of this material made my approach more radical. Exomène means somehow that the purpose of art is to cause feelings. So this silence forced me to redefine the boundaries of the feelings I want to cause. Beyond feelings, I had to cause sensations with my piece of silence.

So I melted this piece of silence in my forge, put it on my sonic anvil and hammered until the very sensations came out the material.

I'm pretty happy with the result even if the listeners has to turn the volume to the maximum and / or listen to the track with headphones to enjoy it. Actually I'm so happy with Torporscape that it will be the start of a new body of work I'd like to experiment: the Drone to Body Music.

You can listen and comment my track on Soundcloud, don't hesitate to turn the volume to the maximum and listen with headphones in order to really enjoy the music.

But please, listen to all the wonderful tracks of the compilation.

The life and death of an unnoticed shadow

2013-06-23 19:04:25

After releasing two demos, here is my first "real" album: "The life and death of an unnoticed shadow" released by Industreeallace Productions.

In this piece I sticked to the dark ambient cinematic soundscapes I developped with my side project "The Spoken Worms" and as usual I tell a story with this album. The story of some people barely noticed at the background of our lives. Shadows, living their lives absurdly alone and lonely. The very meaning of their existence denied even to them.

This time, I told the story in a chronological order so you follow the Shadow from its birth to its death and even after while listening to the record. From an average newborn, the character rapidly becomes a shadow when put for the first time in the so-called light of the outside world. Unlike most shadows, this one is soon aware of what's happening to the very essence of its live and tries to struggle against that. Its quest for becoming a full-fledged being drives it crazy and then beyond madness in a totally different reality with its own rules and creatures. This journey into another reality is experienced as an initiatory rite for the Shadow that comes back to its own reality with enough lucidity to live its live as a shadow while marginally changing its fate. But the creatures of the outer world noticed the shadows journey and its new strength and anyway, they don't want anything to change its fate. So the Shadow dies and its requiem is here to remind it what the Shadow was and should have stayed. Finally as a punishment for its boldness, the shadow ends up in the eternal limbo where it should have stayed.

On the musical side I can't really tell who influenced so please, tell me in the comments if the sounds remind you something.
Regarding the story, while writing this article I noticed there is definitely a lovecraftian influence and probably a need for a therapy.

The artwork, and videos for this album as well as the VJing during the concerts are made by Dorianne Wotton.
I was helped on the mastering by Almark who is a terrific audio consultant.
And thanks to Skye Speciale from Industreeallace Productions for accepting to release my music on his label.


2012-12-12 12:12:12

I just realized I wrote a new piece of music every time I faced a situation that required a public ritual.

There's no reason to keep them for me, so please, help yourself. I'll update this set the next time something happens ;)

Exomène / Wehwalt

2012-10-02 14:00:00

Wehwalt and Exomène released a split album at Otorragie

Confronting our ideas and sensibilities gave this very particular record. Our dark noises shaped ritualistic and post-apocalyptic music. Starting from the very end of it all, we travelled back in time to what caused the apocalypse.

Enough talking, start listening.


Objective tinnitus

2012-08-17 20:17:41

There is no concept, idea, will or anything underlying Objective tinnitus. What you hear in this set is just pure, one take, unmastered recordings of what I have in mind.

Spoken worms

2012-07-21 21:49:00

Spoken worms is the result of an artistic encounter between the picture slayer Dorianne Wotton, the soundsmith Exomène and the word charmer Marianne Essentialités.

I can't explain each track as I did for my own projects, but I can describe the way we work. Each of us start a new track one at a time giving his idea in his own medium. Then the two others work on the future track. Then we meet again to mix up all our ideas in a coherent piece. But the core of the project is making doom and industrial audiovisual poetry.

Stay tuned, this project is not over and we plan to add new tracks on a regular basis.

Here is the music

And if you prefer to see the videos, here they are. Subtitles in english and spanish are being added. All the videos are on this vimeo's channel.


Castitad, the spanish version.
Chasteté, the original version without subtitles.


With spanish subtitles.
Larsen, the original version without subtitles.


Migration with spanish subtitles.
Migration, the original version without subtitles.

Luna's dogma


Frio, the spanish subtitled version.
Froid, the original version without subtitles.

Renaissance cyclique

Renacimiento cí­clico, the spanish subtitled version.
Renaissance cyclique, the original version without subtitles.

Æsthetic of distress

2011-12-30 16:01:57

Æsthetic of distress is my third set/album/opus (choose the word that suits you).

The æsthetic of distress is just another word for the æsthetic of desolation which is still what defines my musical approach. This time, I really decided to get rid of my own preconceptions about music: what should be the length, rythm, structure of a track. 

The result of my musical quest for the æsthetic of desolation is a darker sound I find, and more versatility in the styles too. Maybe some of the tracks will sound familiar to you because they were studies for spoken worms

Bedtime stories

2011-07-17 18:18:12

Bedtime stories is my second opus.

There I decided to explore the world of dreams, resulting in a darker sound inspired by doom metal, sludge and drone but not forgetting my ambient, progressive and industrial influences. Actually, I worked to define a particular sound to complete the atmospheres developed previously. I also wanted to use more real instruments in order to play live more easily (as soon as I found a band).

Dusk to dawn

2011-07-16 01:27:12

Dusk to dawn is the first demo by Exomène.

This set is the musical transcription of a story about the arbitrary, maybe you can see it as a cheap version of the trial by Kafka. I tried to render into music the feelings of a man faced with the arbitrary.

Soundcloud updates

2011-07-16 01:27:12

I there,

I cleaned up my soundcloud page to show better the coherence of my work.

So if you are in the mood for noisy tracks you can listen to the set "Objective Tinnitus": http://soundcloud.com/exomene/sets/objective-tinnitus/

If you enjoy the soundscaped spoken words Dorianne Wotton, Marianne Essentialites and I make, you can go directly to "Spoken Worms": http://soundcloud.com/exomene/sets/miscellaneous/

And for the oldschoolers, my previous works are still available:

- Dusk to dawn: http://soundcloud.com/exomene/sets/dusk-to-dawn/

- Bedtime stories: http://soundcloud.com/exomene/sets/exomene-bedtime_stories/



Police des mœurs remastered

2011-02-28 13:34:56

Hi there,

While I was gathering material for the website, I watched again the excellent slideshow of the "Ma chair est tendre" series by Dorianne Wotton .

But, the track didn't sound right to me anymore, so I decided to remaster it. I hope you'll enjoy this new version.