El dolor de la lucidez / The pain of lucidity

2012-09-21 20:00:00

Doom will be broadcasted as part of the video Doom by Dorianne Wotton for the opening of the experimental exhibition space at the virtual art gallery Gloria Heldmound.

Gloria Heldmound is an experimental exhibition space because it is defined by the work of the artists involved in the project. A site created for the virtual exploration of contemporary art beyond the limits of dimension or time.

The seasons open on september 21st with 3 exhibitions:

About "El dolor de la lucidez" (a text by Jaime Rodriguez, curator of the part of the exhibition where our work is displayed):

Creator are provocatives, nonconformists by nature, but not for pleasure, fun or fame. All artists are part of this exhibition because they firmly believe in what they say, because they care much about what you think, and because their art is based on a rich intellectual, cultural and emotional background perfectly controlled, which allows them, through video, to go further than most.

They come so close to the thin line defining the essence of life that reality becomes disappointing.

At first glance, the thought and work of each of these artists can be repulsive because of the hardness with which each of them expressed himself. It seems at first that we may be dealing here with people who can only feel contempt or hatred. But looking with an open mind, we note that their works show us a reality very close but yet neglected, and ultimately despised. It is therefore a series of video creations which have a negative view of our environment. These are "fragile" pieces of art because each is a real experience, too real, too intense or too painful.

This exhibition can be understood as a desire to show a chaotic and "dehumanized" reality. Besides a few scenes of everyday and public life of a man who expresses his thoughts through gestures (“My Hailstorm” by Gavin Owens), another work shows that the principles of identity can sometimes be shocking, sometimes critical, but always politically incorrect (“Tiritas” by María Pérez Gil). A third draws us with an incredible passion into a nightmare of dementia (“Taxidermia para principiantes” by Sofía Santaclara – Performer: Tamara Norniella) and finally, the last work shows us the unconscious diving into otherness of whom despises reality (“Doom” by Dorianne Wotton – Music: Gêhïks Exomène).

This exhibition shows the discouragement in a way that often dissolves the object of study, but making it more human, more real. This is a picture of reality that constantly undermines our hopes with the most cynical indifference.

You can see the exhibition directly on the gallery's website: http://gloriaheldmound.org/

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