This is the summer of our great content

2012-07-31 23:59:59

This is the summer of our great content for Dorianne Wotton and me since my synaesizer is displayed in Le Dressing a video art device in Free'P'Star in Paris.

Le Dressing displays one piece of video art every month and we've been chosen for july!

Insomnia, by the synaesizer will be displayed on a large screen 24/7 and the sound can be enjoyed through a loudspeaker outside the shop and through headphones inside from noon to 9 PM. It is the last time you can see this version of the synaesizer since I will rebuild it completely for the next exhibtion: "Les ombres inconscientes".

By the way, it is located in one of the most lovely area of Paris, so drop by when you're visiting.

Agrandir le plan

So let's celebrate summer now!