Spanish Caravan

2012-05-18 13:55:44

Like I did when the synaesizer was displayed in California, I announce a new exhibition with another song title. Spanish caravan by The Doors this time...

It is a double reference since the Spoken worms will be displayed in Spain (obviously) at the gallery TEXU along with other works by Dorianne Wotton (who is the images of my sounds or vice versa) from may 21st to june 16th. This exhibition is called "Ar(t)berrations graphiques".

"Wait a minute, you talked about a double reference!"

Yep, here it is! You probably noticed that this song contains a reference to "L'Asturias" by Isaac Albèniz, and where is the gallery located in Spain????

"In the Asturias?"

You got it! The gallery TEXU is in Oviedo, Asturias, Spain. Here is the map, I hope you'll enjoy the exhibition and feel free to tell what you think of it at

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