2015-02-08 19:05:58

We live in a highly connected world where the border is becoming increasingly blurred between the real and the virtual. Our new universe is impalpable, intangible, immaterial, volatile, a new home of the spirit, which shatters all physical boundaries. What happens when, in a room, a real body and its digitized version, mingle? What interactions are taking place between the body, the submerged body and the digital interface into play?

The "Mirage" project is part of this research.

"Mirage" is an interactive installation that places the participant in an active and central position. It questions the relationship between self, sound and space. This is therefore a creation seeking to erase the line between on the one hand, the virtual and real spaces, on the other hand the formal categorization "artists / spectators" to the extent that the work is mainly in the relationship it creates between the viewer and himself.

This installation questions, by its immersive and interactive scenography, our relationship to the body and its environment. It confronts the audience with audio and visual elements causing confusion for their senses, questionning them about their own physical (in the room or in the world) and virtual (on canvas or virtual space) entity.

Cameras detect the movements which are scanned and processed both visually and sonically and then directly projected and mapped on several surfaces and mirros. The nature of movements affects both the video and audio mix. Thus spectators are so immersed in a flow of images and sounds that place them face themselves in a reconfigured universe, where the landmarks are broken.

If you read french, there is a wonderful article on the first rendtion of Mirage at the 6B by Aleksandra Duncan on ILMITULEMINEN.

Pictures by Patrice Bellot