Digital Primitive: the posthuman transition?

2014-10-14 11:48:15

Digital Primitive is an audiovisual performance by Exomène created with the help of the L:ED collective featuring Gerostenkorp and Dorianne Wotton.

The last worldwide revolution was the industrial revolution, deeply changing the mankind from a rural way of life to an urban one that modified our habits, our food, our knowledge. This change didn't happen without tensions between people who wanted to preserve their traditional way of life and those who embraced the so-called "modernity".

Digital Primitive premiere

Nowadays, it seems an another revolution is coming: augmented humanity, transhumanism, post-humans, cyborgs... 
This time, the change would be even deeper than the previous one. Not only our habits would be changed but our very selves. After changing plants and animals since the neolithic revolution, after changing nature itself during the industrial revolution, mankind seems to be on the verge of changing itself.
As this change is so deep that some could consider it is modifying more than their very roots and thus destroying their essence, the tensions between the "traditionalists" and "modernists" could be even more intense as before.
Imagine. Fearing what was not previously experienced is practically a survival reflex. Now that the change would barely be noticeable, what sneaky anxiety will it generate? Everyone would be even more than before perceived like a threat.

Digital Primitive is the result of that thinking. Gerostenkorp playing live Musique Concrète embodies the traditionnalists while Exomène playing live Industrial Music embodies the modernists. The performance illustrates the struggle between those two groups and Dorianne Wotton, VJ and video mapper creates live the visual environment of this struggle.

Who wins at the end of the performance, Traditionalists, Modernists, Nature?
We don't know. As most of this show is improvised, we never know how it ends.
Maybe chance or chaos always wins in the end.