Glitch-O-matiC : a digital art installation to glitch your face

2012-11-04 23:10:30

Glitch-O-matiC, a digital art installation that takes your portrait and glitches it while you wait. It combines the fun of the photo booth with the fun of discovering how the glitches changed the pictures.

The Glitch-O-matiC photobooth

The audience bring its own data to the Glitch-O-matiC and initiate the process. The installation consists of a camera connected to a computer that digitizes the pictures of the participant and glitches it as you can see in the video below.

In order to glitch the picture, the computer inserts random errors in the data stream of the image that alters it in always unexpected and unpredictable manners. Replacing, moving, copying, inserting and deleting data, all these techniques are combined four times to produce the now traditionnal four pictures delivered by a photo booth.

Pictures from the Glitch-O-matic

This installation was presented for the first time on friday oct. 19th at "Les Chaudronneries" in Montreuil. The following video is a montage of the pictures taken and generated by the Glitch-O-matiC this day.

And last but not least, the first version of the code. You can contribute on GitHub.