Where to find me

2012-09-09 13:43:07

I'm kind of a settler and I like to have some space everywhere I can. But unfortunately, I can't be in two places at once (it's already difficult for me to be in one place at once).

Places updated regularly

Big updates only

Pages I like

2012-09-09 13:43:07

In order of appearance:


2012-06-24 15:33:25

People dressed in black and wrapped in long leather coats can be very sociable, so here are some places where we can get in touch.
You can even send me an email at exomene@gmail.com.


I'm on twitter practically all day long. It's the best place if you want us to chat.

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Be among the firsts to listen to my new tracks by following me on Soundcloud. There, you can tell me what you think of my sounds.



My latest videos are on Vimeo



The other videos are on youtube


I share inspiration from the interwebs there.


A lot of people is posting their events there, including some places where I play. So come and join me there to be informed of my performances. I usually share the piece of arts or the papers I like.