Side by side

2014-01-31 23:59:59

This is a teaser for the next audiovisual performance Dorianne Wotton and I are setting up: Side by side which will deal with existential doubt, inner universes and the ambiguity of the feelings.

Stay tuned, I'll post all the videos I can get here or on the Side by Side album in Vimeo :)

The life and death of an unnoticed shadow VJing

2013-10-26 18:17:15

A few months ago, I released my first album "The life and death of an unnoticed shadow" and I really thought about how to make a concert out of it. Actually, I was concerned about the fact that I made everything alone on this record and I was afraid that the show would be boring if I was alone on stage with only a synth and standard midi controllers. So I started using very visual instruments such as Audiocubes, an Eowave Ribbon, anything that makes lights and colors.

But that was not enough, so I asked the L:ED collective his help and we define together an incredible VJ set for my concerts. And it goes like this...

Part 1

Part 2

Part 3

X-Peri-Mental (vol. 6) - Children of the night

2013-10-21 23:39:29

This time I invoked the memory of Belà Lugosi to inspire me for this new X-Peri-Mental set. Even though the song by Bauhaus is one of my favorite ever, don't expect to hear something close to it in this new track nor to see something close from the movie by Ted Browning in Dorianne Wotton VJing set. It's more like an audiovisual instrumental trip on acid.

Anyway I hope you'll enjoy this very fast and harsh piece by the L:ED Collective!

"X-Peri-Mental" (Vol. 6) from Dorianne Wotton on Vimeo.


2013-08-18 18:36:30

The L:ED collective is proud to announce you his next audiovisual performance including live capture: Databe(nd)ing

Human as a raw material
Human born from digital
Human part of digital
Human as a data being.
Here is "Databe(nd)ing".

Scan_Life_Sys 0 by G1ft3d

2013-08-10 15:31:51

I've been following G1ft3d on Twitter for a quite long time now.

I really appreciate his work (you should really follow his Tumbr) on a formal point of view but he is also very interesting conceptually too.

I had the chance he noticed my work too and we started collaborating on something.

So I'm glad to present Scan_Life_Sys 0, a video by G1ft3d on a music ("Club of the sons") and a theme from a future record by Exomène.

G1ft3d is a Guatemalan based artist whose work has been featured in District MTV, The Creators Project and Oxford University Press. He was recently was featured in PBS Idea Channel "How Does Glitchy Art Show Us Broken Is Beautiful?" and PBS Off Book series: "The Art of glitch".

X-Peri-Mental (vol. 5) - Know your limits

2013-03-18 00:26:32

After the new gears and the new sounds Dorianne and Exomène went back to work on X-Peri-Mental, our live audiovisual performance. Enjoy this 5th excerpt: "Know your limits"

We're currently looking for gigs, so feel free to leave a mail on

In bed with...

2013-03-17 23:36:01

Sorry if you're disappointed but Dorianne and I are not about to release our sex tape. But I made a soundtrack to illustrate her photo set "In bed with".

Since the bedroom is the very place of privacy and intimacy, I chose to use traditional instruments here: cellos and a tympanum. "In bed with" may remind you of "The trial" because of the similar instruments and structure.

You can listen and even download the track on Soundcloud


Girl on drugs

2012-11-08 13:41:50

Want to check an excerpt of my latest soundscape? So watch "Girl on drugs" a new short film by Dorianne Wotton with Physalis Penea as "Spectre". And if you want to dive completely in Dorianne's mood while shooting this film, you can read the poem she wrote about it

Why I call this an excerpt? Because it is the beginning of a piece I've been working on along with Requiem, that will be released in a while.

X-Peri-Mental (vol. 4) - Get ready

2012-10-07 23:03:46

This time Dorianne and I went psychedelic: Alice in powderland, Charles Manson dancing, approved by Chuck Norris!

X-Peri-Mental (vol. 3) - Control your emotions

2012-08-21 14:32:09

Enjoy a new excerpt of the live audiovisual project X-Peri−Mental by Dorianne Wotton and Exomène: X-Peri-Mental (vol. 3). The motto here is "live, guts, and here we go!", that means Dorianne start her VJing software, I start my DAW, first image, first sound and here we go playing live with each other using our favorite form of expression.

In this one, I tried to be more electro than usual, I hope you'll like it. Anyway, any comment is welcome on the Vimeo page.

X-Peri-Mental (vol. 2)

2012-06-21 14:32:09

Hi there!

This is a new video from the series X-Peri-Mental by Dorianne Wotton. She chose Exomène for her music, and I also played the "big black shape with eyes of fire" in the video.


The Montanas (and friends)

2012-06-09 14:57:31


Dorianne Wotton chose my music to complement her latest video. A totally crazy unidentified footage object (UFO) where the two greatest filmed Montanas (Tony and Hanna) meets! The Scarface against the Clearasilface... whatever, you'll see by yourself! 


2012-05-31 14:57:31

This time Dorianne Wotton and Exomène collaborated on a video.

She videoscapped his sounds, he soundscaped her images. The result of this experiment in the aesthetic of distress is this video called Doom.

As usual, the track is on soundcloud for you to listen and download.

Ugly as memories

2012-05-23 16:07:37

I made the track "Ugly as memories" as part of the Otorragie's project "The eye listens... the ear sees".

How can't you link a carrousel with childhood? And how can't you link a carrousel with that haunting and outmoded music they usually play, some kind of half forgotten waltzes already old-fashionned when my grand-parents were young?

So, I tried to render the music of childhood to illustrate this video of a carrousel. Fortunately, the video was shot perfectly to express the main problem of any reminiscence: memory. Changes in speed, colors, direction, differences in framing, movements of the camera... all of this shows how memory works. A remembrance is never ever an exact picture of the past. Each instance of a remembrance will generate a different mood and feelings according to you mood and feelings at the time you remember and to your evolving point of view on the time you are thinking about.

For example, most people will think their childhood was great. Really? Are you absolutely sure about that? Would you swear you were happier in middle high-school than now? Think twice ;)

Here is the video

And if you want to listen to the music alone, here it is

Wave of silence remixed by (o)†HERS

2012-05-09 14:57:31

Maybe you remember the track I made for the "Wave of silence" project dedicated to the highlighting of the "silent" people all over the world that can't take part in the decisions that impact them.

This was quite a challenge to me since John Cage is an absolute reference to silence with 4'33"...

Don't worry, I won't explain it again, you can read the "Wave of silence" article on this website, this is the remix by (o)†HERS

Blasphemous rumours

2012-03-07 13:57:31

Dorianne Wotton chose Exomène to soundscape her slideshow about religion called "Blasphemous rumours"

You can find this track in the set Bedtime stories on soundcloud

Mauvais genre

2012-02-17 13:57:31

The photographer and videographer Dorianne Wotton chose Bloody Revenge by Exomène to illustrate her slideshow Mauvais genre about a certain idea of feminity.

You can listen or download Bloody revenge the track on soundcloud.

Untitled Duo

2011-12-01 13:57:31

"Untitled duo" is the second collaboration between Lise Côme from the dance company "Compagnie en huit" and Exomène.

"Untitled duo" is a short composition, a dialogue between two dancers who use body movement as mechanical responses to the environment and to one another.

Untitled duo

The video of this performance has been displayed at a festival at the Carosse in Paris.

Mutations - interdit au public

2011-09-09 14:57:31

Lise Côme from the dance company "Compagnie en huit" asked me some music for a dance performance called "Mutations - interdit au public" 

"Mutations - interdit au public" is a short composition shot in a place of constant transformation: a building site hidden below a tunnel from the Petite Ceinture.

Mutations - Interdit au public  

The video of this performance has been displayed at a festival at the Carosse in Paris.

Appetite for auto destruction?

2011-06-30 14:57:31

Dorianne Wotton chose a track by Exomène to illustrate her slideshow "Appetite for auto destruction".

The track is not released yet since it will be part of a wider project to come.


2011-02-23 13:32:09

Valentin Pringuay chose "Shopgirl" by Exomène to illustrate the new extract of his web novel "Instants d'éternité": Ego that you can read on Presse Citron (if you can read french).