Ugly as memories

2012-05-23 16:07:37

I made the track "Ugly as memories" as part of the Otorragie's project "The eye listens... the ear sees".

How can't you link a carrousel with childhood? And how can't you link a carrousel with that haunting and outmoded music they usually play, some kind of half forgotten waltzes already old-fashionned when my grand-parents were young?

So, I tried to render the music of childhood to illustrate this video of a carrousel. Fortunately, the video was shot perfectly to express the main problem of any reminiscence: memory. Changes in speed, colors, direction, differences in framing, movements of the camera... all of this shows how memory works. A remembrance is never ever an exact picture of the past. Each instance of a remembrance will generate a different mood and feelings according to you mood and feelings at the time you remember and to your evolving point of view on the time you are thinking about.

For example, most people will think their childhood was great. Really? Are you absolutely sure about that? Would you swear you were happier in middle high-school than now? Think twice ;)

Here is the video

And if you want to listen to the music alone, here it is