The 20th anniversary of the Hermetic Library

2016-12-15 01:16:51

The Hermetic Library's has been doing an amazing job in gathering, promoting and publishing the living western esoteric tradition for 20 years. It's now time to celebrate with a musical compilation!

To thank the Librarian for his work and for supporting my music, I composed a brand new track for the occasion under the Perseids meteor shower of 2016. Those nights were magical to me and I wanted to transcribe this ambiance into words and sounds. Regarding the words, I was suggested the poem Byzantium by the Librarian after telling him about my impressions about those nights. The sounds came quite naturally and some field recording of the countryside at night achieved to make the track as lively as possible.

The compilation is now online so you can enjoy my contribution among 45 other tracks by very talented artists.

The Hermetic Library has always been very supporting so with the friends at my side project L:ED, we decided to make a videoclip for Byzantium.