Matilda, a report of the FONLAD

2016-05-20 23:12:09

Hi there,

As you remember I was commissionned with L:ED to create a show for the closing of the FONLAD, a festival of video and digital art in Portugal. Dorianne and I had 10 days to create that show from scratch.


Once we found the concept, Dorianne worked on the visual and scenographical aspects while I worked on the music and the soundscape. Maria do Mar joined us to interpret choreographically that concept. That's how Matilda was born.

Still from the Matilda show

Matilda is a piece in 4 parts for a dance show about the awakening to consciousness, the developpement of the personnality, its individuation and ultimately the keeping of sanity. We consider it as a work in progress and we are looking forward to new partnership to develop and perform this show again soon.

"Matilda" (Part 1 to 3) from L:ED ( Experiments in Digital) on Vimeo as performed on May the 7th 2016 at Teatro Esther De Carvalho in Montemor O Velho (Portugal). 

Matilda mixes corporality, visuals and sounds to elaborate a complete performance, where dream and reality intersect, where the personality gradually embodies itself to reach its full potential. But, confronted to the outside, will Matilda's personality stay consistent, sound and safe? The piece is immersive so the viewer can give vent to his imagination and bring his own interpretation to the creation.