DAMN! Vol. 2 - Report

2015-06-21 22:08:36

Hey there,

Last week, we gathered with all the "members" (I put the quotes because this is very informal) of DAMN! (The K, Gerostenkorp, Kaneda aka Testsuoka and Dorianne Wotton) to give our first outdoor concerts. We also welcomed Marianne who shared the stage with all of us. (If you follow my work for a long time, you already know Marianne, she was the pen and the voice of The Spoken Worms.)

A lot of pictures were taken, films shot, beer drunk, cigarettes smoken... but you had to be there ;)

Fortunately, Dorianne made an edit of the videos taken during the L:ED set  


And Manokupa our incredible location manager had time to Vine all the sets. Go check his Vine.

Kaneda aka Tetsuoka

The K




And... Last but not least...

Dorianne Wotton

See you at the 3rd edition