Digital Art Gallery In 3D

2015-05-18 23:18:20

Hi there,

I speak much of my music on this website but maybe you've been curious enough to click the "Digital Art" red link at the top of the page. In that case, you already know I co-founded the digital art collective L:ED with Dorianne Wotton in order to produce and promote digital art shows and installations.

Excerpt of the Synaesizer

With the installations Synaesizer, F#555 and Glitch-O-matiC I produced a lot of interesting digital art stills you can now see in L:ED's digital art gallery in 3D.

An overview of L:ED's gallery

Each picture represents an aspect of our work : glitches, databending, digital synesthesia... You can buy any of this picture framed. We can also make brand new pieces with your own pictures and your own data.

I Hope you'll enjoy the tour.