How I use my gears to make music

2014-10-19 23:55:59

Hi there,

Maybe you know that before I started making music alone on my computer, I learned an instrument and played in bands. And as a metalhead, I have a certain idea of what a concert should be like. I believe it is pointless to play live if you can't engage your audience. A show is not only about playing music in front of people. It is about creating a relationship with the crowd: giving them energy and feelings and be fueled by the energy and feelings it gives you back. To some extent, I believe a musician should immerge its audience in its musical universe (I hate this word, so I use it very carefully

Exomène playing live

This is why it took me 6 years before playing my first concert under the name Exomène. Being alone on stage playing with keyboards, computers, knobs and faders is very abstract for non-musicians in the audience. I believe you lose them if they can't see the relationship between what you are doing and the sound they hear. So I took time to carefully choose my gears for my live setup. A few years ago, it was very difficult to find a midi controller making your gesture explicit to the audience but among them I found the Audiocubes which are an important part of my live setup and proved to be very useful to engage the audience.

I talk more about that in the latest Percussa's newsletter also published on Matrixsynth where you can watch my video "Kindergarten".

With the L:ED collective, we are currently testing to add gesture recognition to our shows. Firsts results expected in 2015 ;)