Virtual / Fusion / Material : Revolution

2014-01-28 23:08:54

One year ago, I wrote a blog post called Artificial / Fusion / Natural : Union where I told (discreetly) how happy I was that one of the tracks of Objective Tinnitus made it to the compilation.

So we're in 2014 and I very happy to tell you that one of my track out of my Synaesizer installation (Hurt - Blackcurrant) is part of the 6th volume of this compilation called Virtual / Fusion / Material : Revolution.

Necktar 2017 col. 6 logo

I immediately thought about the Synæsizer when I first read about this project because one of the purpose of the Synaesizer is to show that brain and processors can be compared using Herbert Simon's work. The synaesizer is necessarily a fusion of the material and the virtual leading to the cyborg revolution (sorry I have a flu and a hard fever)

This compilation is listenable and donwloadable on Enjoy!