Side by Side @ IRL report

2014-01-23 23:26:41

Hi there,

After being scared to death before getting on stage, I had such a great time playing Side by Side with the L:ED collective at IRL.

For the first time I had the chance to record the audio of the performance... unfortunately I forgot to record the venue ambiance... next time! This track is very industrial at least in its essence if not in its sound. It's harsh, dark, dirty and pretty experimental because the live set up derivates from my old psychosonic experiments attempts.

Here is some words in french about the performance by @_JuliusC_ on Twitter

"Le son terrible, le snare et la basse parfaits
L'image aussi, 2 êtres semblent ne plus savoir
se toucher, on ne sait pas si c'est la musique
l'instinct ou la perte d'instinct qui fait
qu'ils se fuient ou se mêlent maladroitement
déconstruction de la danse,du couple,de l'espace

Here is a video extract

"Side by side": "Soirée I-R-L" (Paris, 18/01/14) Extrait from Dorianne Wotton on Vimeo.