The first Desperate Mutation Night

2013-11-29 17:24:28

On friday november 29th, the first Desperate Mutation night took place at la Cantada in Paris.

This party consisted of 4 individual performances by:

Followed by a collective performance by all of us. The VJing for all the performances was made by Dorianne Wotton.
Gerostenkorp started with a performance mixing ambient, musique concrète and electric guitar
Then, Dorianne and I as the L:ED collective played some song of my album: The life and death of an unnoticed shadow. It was a cinematic dark ambient performance where I played mainly with an audiocube.
After that the K offered us an electronic performance based on oscillators.

Last individual performance, Kaneda who launched some serious beats for an industrial breakcore concert

And last (but not least at all), we played all together in our industrial drone performance as DAMN! The video is coming soon ;)