Unnoticed Shadow

2013-05-17 00:00:00

If you follow me for a while, you know I do music from pictures and floppy disks. Maybe you also know I do music for videos and that I have an industrial spoken word project. But did you know I have my own project from which originated my name Exomène?

Cover of the album The life and death of an unnoticed shadow

Exomène means (basically) Mental Exodus. I chose this name because my music is made for avoiding the intellectual side of the brain and thus adress directly feelings and emotions. That's why I make those cinematic soundscapes inspired by industrial music.

After depicting the struggle of a man against the arbitrary in my first demo and my oneiric world in the second, this time I tell about all the shadows we barely notice at the background of our lives. "The life and death of an unnoticed shadow" is my first real record ever and will be released by Industreeallace Productions.

You can listen and download the full album on bandcamp starting may 17th. You can join the event on Facebook to get updated: Exomène ALBUM RELEASE PARTY.

Meanwhile, here is a teaser video