Happy 2013!

2013-01-01 15:41:06

You've been amazing!

 All of you. Even "You! yes you behind the bikesheds". So much listens and downloads this year... (BTW here are the 5 songs you played most this year)

So much enthusiasm for the Glitch-O-matiC

And for the new version of the synaesizer (you know, le synesthèseur if you speak french)

So much enthusiasm for F#555 too... You sent me 144 floppy disks so far that allowed me to build the first prototype which renders this:

I'm so grateful to you all for your support. 

Finally, I'd like to thank personnally the people I worked with this year: Dorianne Wotton, Marianne Essentialités, Lise Côme, Sophie BossRecluser Dark and Wehwalt as well as the people who allowed me to share my work: Myriam and Lucie from La Trappe aux Étoiles, Vincent Mignerot from Projet Synesthéorie, Miette, Soirées I-R-L, Lee-Ann Joy, Dimanche Rouge, Systaime, Radio Kaos Caribou, Galeria TexuGaston et sa Contrebande, Petroglyph Music and The Hermetic Library.

I wish you all the best for 2013!