Magick, Music and Ritual v. 5

2012-11-11 21:39:40

Artwork for Magick, Music and Ritual vol. 5

In a day of doom and gloom I doomed the poor mandolin you are about to hear. Yes, what you hear from the beginning to the end of the track is the sound of a single mandolin. Twisted, stretched, then torn, cut into pieces, and then all the pieces of the sound of the mandolin were nailed to each other, glued, hammered. Three times the screams of agony of the mandolin imitated the mourning of angels just before the crack of doom is heard. But it’s only the fourth crack that starts the judgement day.

I'm proud the Hermetic Library gave me the chance to be part of the "Magick, Music, and Ritual" anthology once again. This time the anthology consists in two parts which developed a ritual structure, or at least a passage through liminality. The first part is an arrival which is also the departure from normal place and time and the second part is a departure from a place of imagination but also a return to world, having perhaps changed ourselves and world in the meantime. This is a 2cd anthology with 14 artists playing 16 tracks for about 2 hours. You can read the full description of the album, listen and buy it on bandcamp.

Dorianne Wotton made a video for Doom and Amine Boucekkine read one of his poem on the video during one of the "Langage des viscères" party at Les Trois Baudets.