The synesthetes and the synaesizer

2012-09-24 22:25:48

Although I use synesthesia in my work, I am not a synesthete. My "ability" of working sounds as if they were concrete materials are not the result of synesthesia but only of an extreme use of metaphors. I use synesthesia to show that brains and computers may work the same, even in unusual circumstances.

That's why I made the synaesizer which conceptually simulates synesthesia in a computer by plugging the video inputs into the audio and the other way round.

This device interested several synesthetes including Vincent Mignerot who leads the Synestheorie project (fr) which aims to study the impact of synesthesia in the fields of sciences and arts. We met a few times and he really helped me to go further with the synaesizer by explaining me as far as possible what synesthesia is and by confirming my intuitions on some points (about the refining process in particular).

Vincent was kind enough to talk about my work on the "art & synesthesia" page of his site, when you finished reading the rest of the site, you can read the article in french ;)