2012-09-23 19:58:45

Do you remember of the exhibition Waterdropped? The photographer Sophie Boss (in the middle of the picture) asked me to play my music at the opening party of the exhibition at La Trappe aux Étoiles.

The opening party went well as usual since it was at La Trappe. Mélisandre L. (on the right) took us further into the pictures by reading a selection of texts while I tried to keep the public in the right mood with my music.

Sophie Boss, Mélisandre L. and Exomène

If you were wise enough to come, you had a preview of my next record with Otorragie to be released on oct. 2nd. And a little bird told me that this is not the last time you hear about Sophie here ;)

Original article: http://sophieboss.blogspot.fr/2012/09/melissandre-l-et-exomene.html