artE Alter 'Collection

2012-09-09 14:04:52

Doom!, a collaboration between Dorianne Wotton and me is now part of the collection of contemporary art: "artE Alter 'Collection".

"ARTE ALTER is a collaborative collection that has been born from the personal exchange and from the altruistic donation of the artists. This means an attempt to transcend the sphere of the art gallery as a “limited” art centre and become a cultural heritage that reflects a temporal framework of reference: the second decade of the XXI century.

The collection is based on three fundamental principles: Collaboration, Openness and Integrity.

The objectives of the contemporary art collection ARTE ALTER are:

- The building of a cultural heritage that reflects a view of contemporary art creation
- To give support to the propositions and artistic discourses of the present time. 
- To become an innovative sphere for dialogue and knowledge 
- To create a physical expositive space, with no profit motive in mind, that offers the ideal conditions of register and prevention."

Last but not least, the page dedicated to the presentation of the piece is pretty great: