Magick, Music and Ritual

2012-08-15 14:04:52

The instrumental version of the track Migration from my "work in progress" set The Æsthetic of Distress has been released on Magick, Music and Ritual vol. 4 an anthology of the living western esoteric tradition by the Hermetic Library. You can get your copy of the CD on Bandcamp.

Migration is the depiction of an inner trip where the person experiencing the trip has difficulties to get rid of what confines one into his body. This lack of abandonment endangers the sanity of the tripper when he/she comes close to the edge of him/her-self. That's why it sounded totally appropriate to submit it for the anthology ;)

Cover for the Magick, Music and Ritual vol. 4 anthology album

There is also a spoken version of Migration as part of the Spoken Worms project with Marianne (texts) and Dorianne Wotton