Wave of silence

2012-01-26 13:04:52

"All we say now can be taken from us – everything except our silence." (Slavoj Zizek)

Beyond politics and the current 99% movement, I joined the Wave of silence project because of the previous quote. I often feel deprived of what I can say or think, because of things older, louder, cooler, trendier...  But being deprived of words does not mean you have been deprived of the thoughts that would have induced the words. Those thoughts remain, on the edges of consciousness like tinnitus of the mind, painful and harrassing as real tinnitus.

The form of this project: producing a 1 minute track of silence was also very appealing to me. As a musician used to usually convey meaning and feelings through the opposite of silence, this project both tickled my nonsensic sense of humor and reminded me of 4'33" by John Cage. Although not being the first one to use silence as the central part of a piece of music, he became its emblem. Just check on google!

Lucky me, the very origin of 4'33" was the inspiration I needed to make my own wave of silence. The story of the anechoic chamber where Cage heard two distincts buzz when he expected silence was the bridge between what I meant and how I should make it. The low buzz was the sounds of the blood in its veins while the high one was the sound of its nervous system. I got my silence then: two sine waves at the edges of human auditory system (20Hz and 20kHz), symbolizing people deprived from everything but their thoughts on the two sides of a road where the carnival of golden mediocrity passes, waiting for the time to take action to come.

This track is silent, but you can still feel things if you turn up the volume.