The synaesizer - Insomnie (cherry)

2012-01-22 13:14:52

On a blue sunday, the synaesizer made me a blueberry sound pie from the picture Insomnie by Dorianne Wotton.

I know there is no need to explain how the synaesizer (aka le synesthèseur) works since you probably already read the step by step explanation ;)

So here is the original picture:

Insomnie from the set Visions désaturées by Dorianne Wotton

That provided the data on which the synaesizer applied its blueberry sound process:

That both were feed to the milkdrop video synthetizer set up by Dorianne and I:

The synaesizer - Insomnie (blueberry) from Gêhïks Exomène on Vimeo.