The hunt for red october

2011-11-07 13:04:52

My dear friend Moonsugar asked me to join his October revolution 94th anniversary compilation named 3rd International.

3rd International cover

While very happy Moonsugar asked me to take part in his work, I hesitated before agreeing to his request. Although the history of Russia from the beginning of the modern period always interested me and some of my favorite artists are Russians or lived in the russian Empire, the possible political interpretation of this recording scared me a bit.

There are several reasons for that. First, I'm not Russian. How can I judge (whether in a good or a bad way), something that I never lived, something that is totally outside of my culture? The second reason is, again, that I'm not Russian. Where I am from, your political opinion should be strictly personnal and confidential if you want so. Therefore I'm not used to talk about politics in public. The third reason is communism in itself. It's hard to talk about communism in a world where the western hemisphere won the cold war. Moreover when you studied social sciences and that you are used to separate ideas from ideals from ideologies. I mean, I'm not against communism as an idea. It's great and generous. But at some point of its history in Russia, communism became totalitarianism. Then ideology came in and most people take communism and totalitarianism as the same words. But Russia is not the only country where dictatorship and totalitarianism took place. Germany, Italy, Spain... these were totalitarian regimes too. And they were against communism.

So I decided to take the chance Moonsugar gave me to talk about totalitarianism with "They're coming for you".