root@F#555:/$ dd if=/dev/fd0 of=~/floppy.image|

The floppy disk is a strong symbol of the obsolescence of media. Many of us still have some floppies in the attic or in a drawer, but who can use the files recorded on them?

Even if you have a floppy disk drive, the data formats on the disks are probably not supported any more and therefore dead.

F#555 brings your data back to life.

The F#555 project tends to give a new life to data that were almost dead. Even if the data has lost its meaning because it can't be interpreted in the right way, its structure, its very essence can still be interpreted or more precisely misinterpreted in a creative way.

By sending your 3" 1/2 floppy disks to F#555, you bring your data back to life. It allows you to use your data again in a brand new interpretation.